Do the pay equity principles apply to you?

Ask yourself:

  • Is your work predominantly performed by women?
  • Is your work historically undervalued? (that is, is your work low paid and has it been low paid for a long time)?
  • Is your work generally considered women’s work?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you may have a pay equity claim under the principles.

If you are in a union talk to your Union Rep about what they are doing to achieve pay equity for you. If you are not in a union and are not sure where to look, here's a good place to start to see what union covers your work.

You don’t have to be in a Union to make an equal pay claim under the principles, but you may need some support around what information you need and what the process is. Part of what we are asking for (and what the working group recommended) is that the government invests in making sure people can access the information and the tools they need.

Make sure you send the letter to Paula Bennett to ask that the principles become part of the law and you get the support you need to bring an equal pay claim. It’s only fair that everybody has the tools they need for the law to work for them.


Are you affected?

Thousands of New Zealanders work in careers that have been traditionally thought of as "women's work"