Well done, New Zealand!

Together, we sent more than 270 emails to Paula Bennett asking her to make sure that equal pay is on the top of her to-do list for 2017.

That's all from us for now but it's not the end of the journey by all means.

This is a time to be so proud of the work that has been done and the work that is still being done by women, by Unions and by the people of New Zealand. We should all be excited for a future in which nobody is undervalued just because they are a woman, or because the work they are doing is considered “women work”.

We are so close to the next big step for Women in New Zealand, but it’s a busy year, and we don’t want women to wait any longer for fair treatment.

Join the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition -- you can keep up to date with their campaign on the web.

All the major unions are pushing for Equal Pay this year (and every year!). You can explore some of the facts around Equal Pay and find out what union covers your work at Worth 100.

It's time to pay the sisters the same as the misters. Check out this exciting new campaign for equal pay -- especially if you're a fan of 80s music!

What's the situation?

It's 44 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, but women are still getting paid 12% less than men. The Equal Pay Principles are a way for women to get paid fairly. But they need to be put into law first.

Are you being paid fairly?

Many New Zealand women are getting paid less than what's fair, all because jobs that are traditionally seen as "women's work" are undervalued.

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